Chocolate Molds

We carry chocolate molds from 4 major vendors. Remember chocolate molds are only for use with low heat ingredients. They will melt if you put hard candy in them. NOTE: These clear plastic molds will tolerate heat up to 160 degrees. Some Uses: Melting Chocolate (other names Candy Coatings, Confectioner’s Coatings, Candy Melts) Butter, Plaster, Jell-O, Gum Paste, Cement, Fondant, Gum Paste. The molds are NOT dishwasher safe and they are NON RETURNABLE. NOTE #2: Some of the molds that start with MHS-CP may be shallow and/or the stick area is not deep, however, they work great! and Remember, they are NOT dishwasher safe and they are non returnable.

Molds Numbers Prefix meanings: MHS = Hard or Chocolate Candy Molds, MCS = Chocolate Molds, MCG = Greeting Card Molds, MR = Rubber Molds, MZ = Hard Candy or Chocolate Molds, M3D = 3D Hard Candy or Chocolate Heavy Duty Clip Molds, MCS-8M = Mini Chocolate Molds, MCS-9C = Clip Chocolate Molds, MCS-9P = Choco Pick Chocolate Molds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO: Calculate the required amount of chocolate. If you need to calculate how much chocolate is required for a mold we’ve found that using water is a good way to do it. Water measures around the same as chocolate. Fill one of the mold cavaties with water, then pour it into a measuring cup that has ounces on it. Sometimes you can get this on a shot glass in a kitchen supply store. You can also weigh it on a scale. If your scale will re-zero then put the empty mold on the scale, re-zero the scale, then fill one mold cavity with water and check the weight. Say it is 1 oz., you can get approx. 15-16 to 1 pound of chocolate.