Spoon Molds etc

Spoon Molds, Boxes, Plastic Spoon Handles, dehydated mini marshmallows and cello bags. Don't forget to check out our candy oils, which are great for chocolate spoons! Also, our candy quins look great with the spoons!
Pretzel Rod Clear Cello Bags 2x10 25 Count

Red Cello Bags, 2.5x1x6, 100 ct., 1/4 lb.

Rosebud Spoon Chocolate Mold

Royal Blue and Silver Swirl Cello Bags, 2x10 100 ct.

Shallow Mints Chocolate Mold

Snap-in Spoons Box, Gold, Clear Lid

Tulip Spoon Chocolate Mold

Yellow Cello Bags, 2.5x1x6, 100 ct., 1/4 lb.

Clear Flat Cello Bags 1.75x5 inch

Delicious Marshmallow Snow Powder! is GLUTEN FREE, 1.5 ounces