NO Bridezillas here! We have hundreds of Wedding Molds to suit every sweet taste. Making your own edible wedding favors can save you so much money. You know how easy it is to make the most beautiful candy and your guests will feel so special to receive deliciously hand crafted works of chocolate art. You can tell them you made them or just let them think you went over budget, just for them!
Heart w/ Bridal Dress & Necklace Sucker Chocolate Mold

Heart w/ Tuxedo Jacket Sucker Chocolate Mold

Rounds w/ Bridal Dress & Necklace Chocolate Mold

Rounds w/ Tuxedo Jacket Chocolate Mold

Rounds w/ Multi-Level Wedding Cake Chocolate Mold

Rounds w/ Wedding Rings Chocolate Mold

Personalized Business Card Chocolate Mold

Bride & Groom Sucker Chocolate Mold

Precious Wedding Couple Sucker Chocolate Mold

Full Lips Cookie Chocolate Mold