Caramel, 5lb Peters™

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5lb Peter’s™ Caramel Loaf(formerly Nestle) Pliable, great for filling, for caramel apples, turtles, or pecan logs and much more!

We estimate about 2.33 oz. for each medium size apple. That’s approx. 6-7 apples per pound or 20-30 per 5 lb. loaf. Make these every year for the holidays and use Peter’s™ Caramel. It’s very smooth, tastes awesome and is much easier than making a big batch of caramel. So, wash and dry your apples and let them sit at room temp, then dip. Let the caramel cool a little after melting it. and then just dip……I always make sure the caramel covers the top of the apple and around the stick. This may help with the sliding off. I like to use a good chocolate to cover them in, they taste so good when using a nice chocolate. I always refridgerate them, since you poke a stick into them that will speed up the spoilage factor so refridgerating helps with that. I do serve them at room temperature though that is when they taste the best. I have seen them left out in stores ect and did try this to see how long it would last and about 4-6 days is the longest I would leave it out. I have kept them in the fridge much longer.

Caramel Apple Basics: To make your own delicious caramel apples follow these easy directions:

  • Wash and dry 4 - 6 small to medium apples.
  • Remove the stem from the apple.
  • Insert a 7x1/4 inch wooden sharpened sticks into the stem of the apple.
  • Heat Caramel Coating in the microwave in a medium size microwavable safe dish for 1 1/2- 2 minutes or until caramel bubbles.
  • Take apple by the stick and roll in melted caramel (be careful not to touch caramel it will be hot!).
  • Let excess caramel drip from apple
  • For an extra treat - roll caramel apples in chopped peanuts.
  • Place caramel on our Candy Apple Sheets and place in refrigerator until set. Before eating,
  • let apples set at room temperature to soften caramel.
  • Place in Caramel Apple packaging for gift giving.
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