Sweet Military Prayer Wall

Thank you Lord for these wonderful people, so worthy of our prayers. They all belong to someone’s heart so please pray for them as if you know them, they would die for you! If you know someone in the military, send them a sweet care pack full of delicious goodies you took the time to make with your own hands. Get the kids involved, they love to help. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Kirk Craig, Specialist, Wausau WI

PFC Preston Schutte, Pender Nebraska

Spc Alice Craig-Schutte, West Point Nebraska

Joe Milligan, US Army Redding

Jeffrey Douglass Kretzler, Navy Veteran, Campbellsville KY

Brian Edward Kretzler, Navy, Campbellsville KY

Thomas Tuttle, active military

Michael Hammond, US Army

Perry Jones, Navarry FL

Adam Brown, E3, Clinton WI

James Larry Hensley, US Army

Daniel Berends US Air Force, 190th Air Refueling Wing, Forbes Field, Topeka KS

Frances Jean Lorenzo

Staff Sergeant Eddie Linsday, USMC. Home town: Studio City, CA

SGT Brodie Moberly and PFC Ryan Moberly stationed at Fort Casey, South Korea

SGT Joe Milligan USA