Apple Sticker Machine

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Safety & Speed. For inserting sticks into apples. For Candy Apples

Why you need this:

*Enhances your candy apple display because each stick is inserted straight and at the proper depth each time *Prevents the physical hazard from broken wooden sticks *Any one can be an expert at using it to insert the sticks into the apples *Enables speed with great uniformity

This is all you do: just drop the stick with the pointed side up into the whole in the tray then place the apple centered in the tray and push down. Tada! The stick is now uniformly inserted at the proper depth! Now dip, decorate and package the apple! In just 5 seconds or less you’ve completed inserting the stick into the apple with this unit. Now move on to 100 or 1,000!

This item is a drop ship item from Ohio.


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