Complete Hard Candy Sucker Starter Kit


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Contains: 12 Stainless Steel Sucker Molds, 1 each, Elephant, Peanut/Balloon, Olympic Torch, Ghost Muncher, Muncher, Medium Heart, Turtle, and Lemon, 2 ea. Tiny Heart & Tiny Round, 2 Hard Candy Sheet Molds, 1 each, .5 oz. Maraschino Cherry Flavor Oil, .75 oz. Red Red Food Color, 100 4.5 inch Sticks & 3x5 inch Poly Bags, Spatula, Thermometer, and 100 Pastel Royal Icing Eyes, Recipe and Instructions, Regular price 44.59 All for 39.95 NO OTHER DISCOUNTS APPLY

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by on June 1, 2009

Q: I would like to know how do we make the hard candies, The color, I tried to make purple and it never seems to be the color i want it to be. Or Dark Orange. Or dark green. A: Not sure if you are using our food coloring, but I highly recommend it. Also, you should read through the how to make hard candy section of the website. If you scorch the candy it can cause the color to change as well as the taste!

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