Handy Builder Bob Tools Chocolate Mold

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Make sure you look at the additional images. We have royal icing eyes to animate these too! •Pliers 2” x 5½” x ⅜” Saw 2” x 7½” x ⅜” Wrench 1⅞” x 6” x ¼” Hammer 2⅞” x 4⅝” x ½” Screwdriver 1” x 4⅝” x ⅜” •5 cavities per mold. •This mold makes approximately 15 pieces per pound of chocolate. •This mold is not used for candy centers. •These candies fit box 87-66 •Suitable for chocolate, soap making, plaster and concrete crafting. •NOT DISHWASHER SAFE •Do not use for hard candy or other hot ingredients. •First quality plastic mold, FDA approved.

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