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The SugarVeil® Icing Dispenser is a hand-held, air powered tool for drawing very fine decorative details with icings, sauces, chocolate, and light batters.
Pastry decorations and plated dessert garnishes are accurately and effortlessly dispensed without hand fatigue - simply place a finger over the flow control hole.
A continuous suction produced in the tip of the dispenser eliminates drips.
The patented product is drip-free and is supplied with all accessories, including a 5 PSI 110V air pump.

The following items are included with the SugarVeil® Icing Dispenser:

8 cartridges
8 anti-gravity "followers"
14 assorted pen tips
8 storage tips
8 storage plugs
8 cleaning plungers
Puller tool
Air pump with air line
2 air lines
SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing
Durable plastic dual-opening case

To Operate


Wash all parts prior to initial use. Cartidges may be washed in top rack of dishwasher. Place a storage tip onto the end of the cartridge.

The storage tip keeps the contents intact until the cartridge is inserted into the dispenser. The suction from the SugarVeil® Icing Dispenser prevents the cartridge from dripping when changing tips.

Pipe desired contents into cartridge to about 2/3 full. Insert the a “follower”, solid end first, into cartridge. Use the puller tool to gently compress contents into the cartridge.


Grip the cartridge by the Quick-Change™ seal and insert the filled cartridge into the dispenser using a twisting motion to ensure an airtight fit.

Attach air line connector of dispenser. Plug in and switch on the air pump. Remove the storage tip and twist on a dispensing tip.

The SugarVeil Icing Dispenser is now ready to use and should be held with the tip pointing downward so contents to not flow back into air passages.

When changing cartridges, temporarily place the filled cartridges in a cup with tips resting in a moist paper towel.


To begin the flow, touch the dispensing tip onto the desired surface. Lightly cover the entire area of the flow control hole with forefinger. Lift finger to stop flow.

The flow speed is increased/decreased by varying fingertip pressure over the hole, or by changing the tip size. Use the Air Flow regulator to regulate the flow of very thin liquids. Turn adjustment screw clockwise to decrease or stop air flow. The air fow increases as the screw is turned counter-clockwise (two screw turns maximum).

To end operation, remove the dispensing tip and replace with a storage tip. Remove cartridge from dispenser. Insert storage plug at the open end of the cartridge or clean as noted below.

To Clean

Clean parts thoroughly after every use. soak dispensing tips and “followers” in water after each use and prior to cleaning. Important: Never soak or submerge electric pump in water.


Remove cartridge from dispenser, remove dispensing tip, and remove “follower” will puller tool.


Use plunger to empty cartridge. Tip: A bit of water will enable plunger to slide easily through cartridge.


Use plunger to pull water into cartridge and flush thoroughly. Dispensing tips may be cleaned in a similar manner by attaching the pen tip to the cartridge and flushing with water. Note: Cartridges may be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher.

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