Wholesale Application

To our sweet potential Wholesale Customer:

We sell wholesale to commercial retailers etc.

We know that the various vendor products that we’ve compiled will enable you to carry a wider variety of supplies without having to meet each individual vendor’s dollar and mold minimum requirements, while enjoying the convenience of having everything you need available from one vendor, GetSuckered.com We are constantly scouting vendors for better prices and quality products to pass along to our dealers to increase your sales! You can order and pay through the website shopping cart.

Please fill out the information on the application listed below AS BEST YOU CAN, which is necessary to qualify as a Wholesale Account. Make sure to include your email address. Then fax it to 714-524-9979.

Note: We do not sell wholesale to the retail customer, thereby undercutting our dealers.

When your application has been approved, we’ll notify you via email and send you our wholesale pricing information. We believe this information is private and should only be available to our wholesale customers. We look forward to doing business with you.



Wholesale Division

Account requirements:

1. A verifiable Business
2. Resale Number _______________________________
3. City Business License-Fax copy with this form
4. Minimum order is $150.00 NOTE: 32 OZ. AND 128 OZ. FLAVORING ARE NOT DISCOUNTABLE

Business name ______________________________________________

eMail address _________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

Phone number __________________________

Business owner/officers information

Name/names: ________________

Address __________________

Phone number ________

Type of Business: _ Sole Proprietorship _ Partnership _ Corporation

Gross Annual Sales: __________________

Print Name:___________




Furnished in the State of _________ Sales & Use Tax Acts


This is to certify that all purchases by the undersigned from GetSuckered.com are tax exempt and will be purchased for the following purpose:
For sale as tangible personal property in the same form as received.

To be incorporated as a material, ingredient or component of a new product produced for sale by manufacturing, assembling, processing or refining.

To be exported for sale, use of consumption outside the continental limits of the United States.

To be sold outside sellers state: This certificate shall be considered part of each order we shall hereinafter place and shall be applicable to any property purchased by the undersigned unless otherwise specified, and shall remain in force until revoked in writing.

Permit Number: __________________

FID Number: ___________________

Company Name: _________________

Address, City, State, Zip: ______________

Signature:____________ Date: ____

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