Boxing and Foiling

You will need the following:

  1. Rose Bud mold #MCS-90-13039
  2. A bag of milk chocolate
  3. Gift Box
  4. Precut foils

Step 1

In a container melt your milk chocolate in Microwave on med/high approx 25/30 sec. Stir and repeat at 15 second intervals utill the chocolate is creamy and spoonable. Pour the chocolate into the mold.(Spoon Chocolate or squeeze chocolate into mold)

Tap the mold to release air bubbles (This eliminates holes on the face of your sucker). Refrigerate for approx 10 minutes. Release from mold. (When mold is flexed the chocolate should release easily. Keep hand underneath to prevent them from dropping and breaking)

Step 2

Wrap pieces with precut foil. We have a variety of colors!

Step 3

Please note: When using wrapping and foiling do not overfill your mold

Step 4

Arrange wrapped chocolates in gift box.

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