Step 1

Microwave the colored chocolate separately on high at 25 seconds intervals,until melted.

Note: Some colors tend to be thicker than others and may need "Paraffin Crystals" added.

Step 2

If desired add a small amount of "Paraffin Crystals" approx 1 tablespoon to colored chocolate.

Step 3

Stir lightly. Add more if needed until desired consistency. If chocolate has not completely melted after the 2nd 25 sec, continue to melt at 10 seconds intervals. Do not overheat or chocolate will clump and discolor.

Step 4

Pour equal amounts of colored chocolate into a bowl. Pour immediately into the mold.

Step 5

Don't forget to tap mold to release bubbles.

Step 6

Refridgerate for approx 10 minutes.

Step 7

Release pieces from mold.

Step 8

Wrap with color foil or cello bags or use our Gold boxes.

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