Edible Glitter

You will need the following:

  1. Our Mold #MCS-CC-AO150
  2. Bag of milk chocolate (Red color)
  3. Sticks
  4. Confectioner Glaze
  5. Red Edible Glitter

Step 2

Melt Chocolate in a container(You may need to add paraffin flakes to thin down the color) Fill mold with main color chocolate.Tap mold to release air bubbles(This eliminates holes on the face of your sucker). Refriderate untill hardened.

Step 2

pop out mold. (When mold is flexed the chocolate should release easily.Keep hand underneath to prevent them from dropping and breaking).

Step 3

Take a small amount of chocolate on a stick. Pour onto area where you want to place the stick.Lay stick on the chocolate. Refriderate.

Step 4

Remove mold with stick from the fridge after it's hardened.

Step 5

Using a non shedding paint brush, brush area with confectioners glaze.

Step 6

Glaze on the area you want to put the edibel glitter.

Step 7

Immediately sprinkle edible glitter on painted area.

Step 8

Allow to dry.

Step 9

Your chocolate suckers with edible glitter are ready.

Step 10


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