Sugar Free Candy Recipe

2 cup Isomalt- A reduced-calorie sweetener used for making hard candy.
2 cup Distilled Hot Water - can use tap, but clarity may not be as desired.
at 280 degrees add Americolor Gel Paste Food Coloring as desired - or liquid Food Coloring
Prepare the candy molds (stainless steel, high heat resistant white sheet molds, silicone mat or molds) with non-flavored spray oil, add paper sucker sticks for suckers prior to cooking steps. In our light weight sauce pan, using our metal straight edge spatula, stir and heat the Isomalt and water until it begins to boil. Insert candy thermometer, making sure it doesn't touch bottom of the pan. Boil to 320 degrees and remove from heat. When the boiling calms down (about 280), stir in Get Suckered Flavoring. Sugar syrup is ready for pieces, molds, pulling, and sugar blowing. Molds: Pour the mixture into the prepared molds. Allow to cool. Suggest you use our Protective Gloves. Turn out of molds carefully. CAUTION: Cooked Syrup is hot, KEEP CHILDREN AWAY from cooking/pouring areas! Keep bowl of ice water in cooking/pouring areas.
This recipe will make approximately 12-20 medium suckers.
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